Thursday, September 16, 2010

The EHOVE Educational Video Library [EHOVE Staff]

Have you longed for YouTube access for you classroom? Did you remember the Educational Video Library (EVL) from previous Technology Tip(s) of the Week?
Learn how to use this amazing resource by watching the video tutorial below:
(This video tutorial is also accessible from EHOVE’s Moodle site.  From the Moodle home page, log in and then go to the Staff Professional Development link.  Within that area click Technology Professional Development Resources and the video is located under the YouTube and Video Content section.)

For those of you who haven’t thought of YouTube for educational uses we in the Technology Department encourage you to venture into a new area.  Do a search on YouTube from an off campus computer for something you do in your program or academic area and you may be surprised at what content you find! When you find something beneficial to your program, submit it and give it a try in class!

To watch or submit videos check out EHOVE’s YouTube library at  Enjoy!

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