Thursday, October 21, 2010

Google Search Tips

I’m sure many of you or your students have had problems finding information quickly online at some point. I know I have! You may have done a search that has many results but it’s hard to know sometimes how specific or relevant the article or link will be to your particular inquiry. Well guess what? Google has some features that can be used when doing your search that will help to not only narrow your search but enhance both relevancy and preciseness.

On top of that, maybe you have needed to define a word quickly or check
spelling – let Google do it! 

Or maybe you’ve needed to do a conversion from pounds to kilograms or
yen to dollars or kilobytes to bytes? Let Google do it! 

The following is a video that discusses those issues and much more! I encourage you to check it out and even pass it on to your students!

(For EHOVE employees please click this link to watch the video:

Check out more great technology tips and videos at Revision 3's Tekzilla site!  (


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