Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tips for Powerpoint [Office Tips]

Have you ever wanted to make your PowerPoint experience easier? Here are some great shortcuts to help you out!

Did you know?

      There are three ways to start a Slide Show:
  • Go to "Slide Show" on the menu bar and select "View Show" .
  • Click the little graphic of a projector screen in the bottom left corner.
  • Just press "F5" on the keyboard

The following shortcuts work when you are running a PowerPoint show (not editing a slide):

      Move Through a PowerPoint:
  • To Go Forward: Space Bar, Right Arrow, Down Arrow, Enter, Left Click, Right Click and select "Next" from the menu
  • To Go Backwards: Left Arrow, Up Arrow, Backspace, Right Click and select "Previous" from the menu
     Two Ways to Blank the Screen:
  • During a presentation your audience will naturally focus on the screen rather than the presenter. To get all eyes back on you - try making the screen blank during the presentation. Here's how to do it:  
    • Type the letter "B" and the screen will go black; Typing “B” again returns it to normal
    • Type the letter "W" and the screen will go white: Typing “W” again returns it to normal
     Draw on the screen:
  • Sometimes it can be valuable to be able to draw or highlight areas on the screen during your presentation to illustrate a particular point or item. Press the Ctrl-P key combination to display a pen on the screen. To erase what you have drawn, press the E key. To use the highlighter function right click on the screen and go to “pointer options” and select “Highlighter”. Hit Control “A” to return it to a Pointer. 

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