Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do During a PowerPoint Presentation [PowerPoint]

Presenting slides to your audience with PowerPoint can be more than just showing slide after slide one right after the other. You can do a few other things during your presentation that you might not have known about that can help you navigate the slides in a different order and even annotate or draw on them.

1. Go To Any Slide Now
Let's say you're on the 3rd slide of your PowerPoint presentation and you want to go to the 87th slide in your presentation. Instead of clicking through all of the slides, you can type 87 and press Enter on the keyboard to go right to that slide. This is helpful if you know what the slide numbers are, but it could also be helpful to return to the first slide. To return to the first slide no matter where you are at, you would just need to type 1 and Enter.

2. Blank the Slide
You can instantly blank the screen on any slide and you have two options: black or white. To blank the screen white, press W and to blank the screen black press B.

3. Draw and Write on the Slide
You can scribble, draw, write, underline and even highlight slides. Just right-click on the slide, go to Pointer Options, and choose Pen or Highlighter. You could also press CTRL+P instead. Red is the default pen color, but you also have a lot of color options under the Ink Color menu.

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