Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Music, Sounds, and Audio Clips...Oh My!


Have you ever wanted to add music or sound effects to a video you are creating but didn’t know what to use or where to get it? There are sites available that allow free downloading and use of royalty free music. A simple Google search can give you some options but you need to be careful when opening and exploring these sites. Most you will find still charge a subscription fee or individual audio clip fee and some sites contain content that can cause your computer harm if you click in the wrong areas. So be careful where/what you click!  Also be sure to read the license requirements that each site has defining how you can use the clips you download.  Here are a couple of good sites to get you started: FreePlayMusic and Incompetech. Have fun enhancing your videos (or whatever else you do with the audio clips...)!  Enjoy!

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