Monday, December 6, 2010

8 Great Flashcard Websites

Everyone knows how useful flashcards can be to help drill information into your head.  Well, here are 8 free and extremely helpful flashcard creation websites.  Many of them even let you look for sets of flashcards that others have already made! Image how much time you could save doing that!  Check out each of these sites below explained in their own words:

"Headmagnet is a learning tool that helps you to memorize new facts quickly and maintain what you have learned. Headmagnet helps you to predict when you will forget things, so that you can review only what you need to.
With Headmagnet, you can create your own lists of things to remember and learn them in a variety of modes which you can easily customize and create.
In your study sessions, you can set the focus on learning new items, or reviewing old items.
Headmagnet shows you a gauge of the memory strength of the topics that you want to keep track of, so that you what's in your head, and what is slipping away."

Flashcard Machine
Flashcard Machine is a free web application that enables users to create interactive web-based study flash cards and share them with others.

Flashcard Exchange
"We have a comprehensive and robust on-line study tool. You can study any flashcard in the system without having to logging in. To get started studying search for flashcards using the search box in the header.

Study features:
  • Track your progress with a detailed study history that will let you restart study sessions.
  • View cards in random order or the order set by the flashcard author.
  • Study either side of the flashcard first, quizzing yourself on the reverse side (i.e. show the answer and guess the question).
  • Change the font face and font size when studying.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up navigation.
  • View hints if the flashcard author added a hint.
  • Study three sided flashcards.
  • After a study session continue by studying only those flashcards answered incorrectly.
  • Use slide show mode to be automatically shown each flashcard at a set interval.
  • Automatically monitor the time spent studying.
  • Full members can also use the advanced Leitner study techniques for long term memory development."
Study Stack

  1. "Find flashcards to study or create your own flashcards.
  2. Study flashcards or use the other activities such as matching, crosswords, hangman, scrambled word, or bug chase.
  3. Study flashcards anytime and anywhere by printing your flashcards or by using them with applications on your cell phone, PDA, or iPod."

"Learn, practice and master vocabulary in a foreign language! Multilingual flashcards for vocabulary building in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Polish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindi & Arabic.
Our vocabulary flashcards test your ability not only to recognize words, but to recall and pronounce them. Vocabulary is randomly selected, and incorrect responses are retested in order to improve your weak spots. Watch the tutorial video, and then sign up for the free version (limited categories) or full version (all categories). Be prepared to learn vocabulary fast!"


  • "Create flashcards
  • Study with Leitner algorithm
  • iPhone and Android App 
  • Ready-made flashcards in Pool"


Free ESL Flashcards
"Welcome to ESL Flashcards! Download 100's of free flash cards. Every set of flashcards comes in color and 3 different sizes to make teaching easier. The Big set is great for vocabulary presentation, the Medium set is good for teaching small groups of students and playing language learning games. The Small sets of pictures are great for ESL games such as Down-Pass or Go Fish. Use the flashcards for teaching English, Spanish, Chinese or whatever language your students are studying. Best of all, they're all FREE! Currently there are 968 total images and 2904 total flashcards. Enjoy!"

If you have another great site you would like to share, please comment below and let us know!  Enjoy!

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