Thursday, February 3, 2011

Black and White Blobs [QR Codes]

Have you ever seen a "bar" code like this before?


Chances are you probably have.  This is no "bar" code.  It's actually a "QR" or "Quick Response" code.  From websites to contacts to text messages, these QR codes are popping up everywhere!  Using your cell phone camera and perhaps an app or two, you can scan these codes to decode their message.  Not only can you scan them to find results, you can make your own!  Find out more about this great tool by checking out these great technology tips posted at
                               1.  Tip 95 - QR Codes - Part 1
                               2.  Tip 96 - QR Codes - Part 2
Let us know what you think about QR codes and any ways you could use or might already be using them.  Enjoy!

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