Saturday, February 19, 2011

Enhance Your YouTube Experience

<embedplus> is a great tool to help you get more out of your YouTube videos.  This great tool allows you to add things like, annotations and scene markers to your embedded videos along with a great zoom feature, easy access to comments made about the video, and easy access to other videos made by the person that submitted the video.  <embedplus> also gives you an awesome slow speed option to watch your video with.  On top of all of this you also have a button that allows you to quickly replay your video.  For those of you that embed videos into your Moodle sites, blogs, and web pages, you will definitely want to consider using <embedplus>!  It's very simple to get your video up and running with these features.  Check out how to do it here:  Look below to see what it can do by watching our old EHOVEWire introduction video with <embedplus> features enabled.  Enjoy!

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