Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Windows 7 and Office 2010 Tips and Tricks (Part 1) [LNL]

Last week we had a Lunch 'N Learn (LNL) session at EHOVE discussing Windows 7 and Office 2010 tips and tricks.  Dustin Hindel and I presented just a few common and helpful hints to be aware of when dealing with these updated software products.  Take a look below for a list of the items discussed for Windows 7:

Windows 7 Tips/Tricks
  • Snap Feature
    • Drag a window to the left side of your screen and the window will "snap" to fill half of the screen.  This allows for a good comparison view if you do this with two different windows.
    • Drag a window to the top-left side of your screen and the window will "snap" to fill the whole screen.  This is just another way to maximize your window.

  • Window Shake 
    • If you have multiple windows open and would like to remove "clutter," simply click and hold on the title bar of your window and shake it left and right.  This will minimize all windows except for the one you have clicked on.  
    • Shake it again and the other windows will re-appear.
  • Show Desktop (Peek)
    • If you look in the bottom-right corner of your screen (to the right of the clock) you'll see a vertical, transparent rectangle.  If clicked, all windows on your desktop will be minimized.  If clicked again, all windows that were previously minimized will re-appear.
    • Also, if you simply mouse-over it, it will give you a preview of your desktop
  • Preview Open Windows (Peek)
    • If you have multiple instances of the same program open, such as a few different Internet Explorer tabs, you'll see them in the task bar.  If you mouse over the IE icon, it will show you a preview of each open tab that you can easily click on to switch back and forth.
  • Calculator
    • The calculator has been expanded.  It not only allows you to have a Scientific, Programmer, and Statistics calculator but is also allows unit conversion, mortgage calculations, gas mileage, and vehicle lease calculations.  
  • Sticky Notes
    • A great small little app that allows for sticky notes on your desktop!
  • Snipping Tool
    • Think of this as Print Screen on steroids.  This handy little app allows you to capture portions of you screen and easily save them in a picture format.  It even has some drawing functions built in that you can use to point things out in your snapshot! 

    Look for Part 2 coming shortly with some Office 2010 Tips and Tricks!

    Enjoy :)

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