Friday, March 18, 2011

YouTube Video Conversion

If you ever have the need to download a YouTube video from the internet to use in a place where you may not have internet access, you know that it generally isn't an easy task.  There are a few resources out there that make this task much easier!  One of those is called BenderConverter.  This site allows you to paste a YouTube video URL into a blank and then choose the type of file to which you would like it converted and downloaded.  That's it!  Now you have a YouTube file that you can then put onto a form of removable media and take with you anywhere!

Another great resource that allows you to do pretty much the same thing as BenderConverter, is called SaveYouTube.  In order to use this resource, simply type the word "save" in front of the word "youtube" in a YouTube video's URL.  (EX.  YouTube URL:; YouTube video ready to be saved:

Enjoy! :)

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