Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Math It Up: Online Math Resources (Part 2)

Guess what? The Khan Academy isn't the only online resource out there, though you may have thought that website would be all you would ever need after reading the last Math It Up post.  There are tons of other great online resources that have many of the same components that The Khan Academy offers.

One such resource is a site that serves two purposes.  It serves as both a test prep site (ACT, SAT, PSAT, and AP testing) and a general study site.  This site is called BrightStorm.  This site provides outstanding, teacher led, video lessons on just about every math topic you can think of.  The self-training starts with a concept explanation and then provides several practice problems with a built-in homework checker as well as a forum where you can ask questions to which many other users have the opportunity to respond.  (Also check out BrightStorm's other subject offerings, especially Science!)

Virtual Nerd for Educators is another great resource that falls into the same category as BrightStorm and The Khan Academy.  It also gives free use [for educators] with a simple account sign-up. Virtual Nerd for Educators advertises itself  as a site to provide homework help for students.  It also has a video library set up with interactive mathematical problems worked out step by step along the side as the video is played.  If you need further concept help as you watch a particular video, it allows you to drill down even further to learn those concepts before continuing with the previous video.

To make math even more enjoyable, Manga High, has videos, problems and even unique games to help students advance themselves in math.  Not only that but Manga High provides help from elementary math all the way up to high school math!  This site also aligns to state standards and again is free for teacher use.

Check out these great resources further by going to their websites and signing up for a free account.  Choose which is best for you and your students and then Math It Up!

Enjoy :)

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