Monday, April 25, 2011

Math It Up: Online Math Resources (Part 3)

For those of you in the elementary/middle school education world, some of the sites listed in today's Math It Up post would be extremely beneficial to your students that require help in math.  Of the sites I will mention today, one of my favorites is  To understand how works, think of it as a YouTube strictly for math! It's a way for student to find help on math problems by watching video examples created by other students.  It does have an area for teacher-created videos as well.  This is not only a great way for students to review by watching other people's videos but they can also get some great review by creating and uploading their own videos!

For a very comprehensive (but still free!) classroom math solution, you should look at Ten Marks.  Since there is so much involved in explaining this awesome site, I'll let Ten Marks speak for itself.  Check out the video below!

Brain Nook is another great site to get kids more interested in math as well as help them learn math concepts.  Brain Nook incorporates games that kids play with other kids to learn these concepts. (There are also English games!)

Learn Your Tables and Yummy Math are the last two sites for this post.  Learn Your Tables is a very simple flash based site that allows a student to practice their multiplication tables easily.  It also allows for the student to practice in multiple languages as well if applicable.  Yummy Math on the other hand, provides relevant, interesting math scenarios in many mathematical subject areas.  Generally each is available for download in .pdf or .doc format.

Check these sites out and try them!  Let me know how you were able to use them or if you have more ideas for others!  Enjoy :)

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