Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wolfram Alpha: A Teacher's Friend

Last week we posted information about Wolfram Alpha and it's amazing abilities to extrapolate information from sets of data from the Internet. Well this week we wanted to offer a follow-up posting about another one of Wolfram Alpha's resources. Wolfram Alpha for Educators is a collection of free lesson plans, query examples and ideas for using Wolfram Alpha in the classroom. There is even a video gallery showing how teachers are using Wolfram Alpha for their lessons. Currently there are lesson plans available for Math, Science and Social Studies. They also have these resourses for educators:

  • Wolfram Education Portal - classroom demonstrations from the Wolfram Demonstration Project.

  • Wolfram MathWorld - infomation on algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, number theory, and other math-related topics

  • Wolfram Mathematica Online Integrator - symbolic integration solver

  • Wolfram Products & Technologies for Educators - engaging full color graphics, interactive exercises, classroom demonstrations, quizzes, and assignments with Mathematica.

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