Friday, May 6, 2011

Survey Monkey [LNL]

Survey Monkey is an awesome web-based survey creation tool.  This site offers both free and paid-for accounts with features galore.  Survey Monkey allows you to create and serve your own survey with many great customizations and tweaks.

For those of you who are staff at EHOVE, you had the opportunity to attend a Lunch 'N Learn session recently that discussed all of the features that Survey Monkey offers.  This post is a review of the information that was discussed during those sessions.  For those of you who are not EHOVE staff I encourage you to check it out on your own and use the information in this post as a reference tool.

So, first of all, I'm sure for some of you a question comes to mind.  Why would I use Survey Monkey and how is it even beneficial in a school setting?  Well, here a great list of ideas for starters:

  1. Polling students
  2. Student-led projects to collect information
  3. Research
  4. Customer/Faculty/Attendee Insights
  5. Employee feedback
  6. Education and Training
  7. Event Planning
  8. Just for Fun
  9. etc..........
The pictures below will give you a brief tour of Survey Monkey's layout and interface.

The arrows point to where you as a user can sign up for a free account or sign in with an existing account.

This is the page you see when you log in that lists all of your surveys.  The Clear button will remove the results of a particular survey.  The Transfer button will move the survey to another Survey Monkey user.  The Delete button will remove your survey, including all of results that have been collected on that particular survey.

This is the survey creation and customization page where you can add and change different elements of your survey.

This is the question editor.  Depending on what type of question you choose, the page will show different options.  One thing to note is that when you are listing multiple questions or answers, when you input them they must be on separate lines otherwise Survey Monkey will see them as on answer.

This is a list of all of the different question types that Survey Monkey provides.

Survey Monkey allows you to use four different ways to collect responses depending on your need and application.

This is one of the collection options.  This is a link that you can copy/paste and send via email or other method.

Here is an example of the results page.  The information will be populate based on the user's answers.

Be sure to explore the many different options that Survey Monkey allows.  It's a very comprehensive service that could have some great potential for you!  Enjoy :)

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