Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing ItsLearning [EHOVE Staff]

Starting this year for EHOVE staff, we have introduced a new virtual learning/learning management system called itsLearning (  We have chosen to move to this platform for a few reasons.  Many were unhappy with our current Moodle system, due to stability issues, as well as our online learning system, A+.  ItsLearning is essentially a combined approach with all of the features the other two environments provide only with a lot more stability, flexibility and usability.

ItsLearning provides some great new features that you wouldn't have found in the other two systems such as secure test browsing, audio and video responses to blogs and forums and much more. Not only are the features in ItsLearning great, but compared to platforms such as Blackboard, Plato and Angel, it is thousands of dollars cheaper with just as much if not more functionality and support. Also like those other platforms, ItsLearning has the option to allow uploading of book publisher modules or cartridges. These are created as essentially a skeleton course based on the information in the book you are using.  Once the module is loaded you can edit and change any of the content and customize it for you class.

Lastly, ItsLearning has a huge customer base mostly in Europe, though they are growing dramatically here in the US so with such a large list of customers, stability concerns are rarely an issue.  Also with more and more schools moving to ItsLearning in Ohio, a consortium is being created to allow course content to be shared.

All in all, ItsLearning is looking like a great alternative online learning platform.  If you want to find out more about how to use ItsLearning please check out the link below or contact one of the EHOVE Tech Dept. employees.  Enjoy!

Help/Video Tutorials (you must be logged in to uses these):

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