Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teaching Your Students on a Snow Day

It's that time of year again. Yes, it's that season again where students wake up in the morning, look outside to see how much snow is on the ground and then they run to the radio or TV (or their computer) to see if they have school for the day. For most students, snow days means a day off from school, but it doesn't have to be a day lost when it comes to their classes.

There are several ways teachers can still reach out to students and connect with them even when they don't come to school that day. Of course you'll want to keep into consideration that not all of your students may have Internet or computer access, so don't make snow day work compulsory. (That wouldn't be fun anyways.) Here are some tools you can use on those snow days:
  1. Record a lesson using SMART Recorder. You don't even need a SMART Board to use SMART Recorder. You just need the SMART software and a microphone and you can record a lesson by writing on the screen with your mouse. You can then share it with your students through a Moodle site, or even YouTube.
  2. Moodle. There are many possibilities with an online course management system. If your class already uses a classroom management site such as Moodle or ITSlearning, you can continue to use the site on snow days. Open up a Forum topic, post an assignment for extra credit or offer some suggested online reading for the day.
  3. Google Docs. If your school district is set up with Google Docs (which EHOVE is), you can share a document with your students and encourage them to collaborate on it. Maybe you could create a list of review questions and have students pick two to type their answer below the questions.
There are lots of possibilities. Can you think of any? Add your comments below.

Your "snow day lesson" may require some preplanning and preparation, so think ahead and consider making your snow day plans well before the actual snow day so that you're all set and ready to go. In the mean time, let it snow!

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