Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This was a previous post but it's such a good web resource that it was worth re-posting! Check it out!

Slideshare is an awesome website for sharing slide presentations, documents, PDFs, and much more!  The only requirement for use is signing up for a free account.  Slideshare is extremely helpful if you are looking for information on a particular topic and want to save yourself some time.  Saving time is so simple too! Most of the information that is shared on this website is downloadable! This means that you can download, change (unless otherwise stated by the person sharing the content), and then re-present that information for your needs and in the format you want it.

Not only can you download, but you can upload! Feel free to share any presentations or documents you have with the world.  Who knows, you just may help someone else out the way you have been helped!  Check it out and Enjoy!

Click here for a quick explanation of Slideshare, by Slideshare:
SlideShare Quick Tour - Summary of features

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