Monday, May 21, 2012

YouTube EDU

YouTube is obviously one of the most popular websites to date, especially with claims of having one hour of video uploaded every second!  For a great visual representation to help you wrap your mind around that fact, check out  Of course not all of that video is useful to everyone especially those in the educational world.  That is why YouTube created YouTube EDU.

According to the creators, "YouTube EDU brings learners and educators together in a global video classroom. On YouTube EDU, you have access to a broad set of educational videos that range from academic lectures to inspirational speeches and everything in between."  Check it out and see how useful it can be to your classroom!  Enjoy :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Google Lesson Plans [Google Apps]

Hey Google Apps users!  If you are looking for a jump start in teaching your class the potential that Google Apps holds, try this site:  There are some great lesson plans here to help your class learn how to use Google Apps and also provide you some ideas on how to incorporate Google Apps into you classroom.  Check it out! Enjoy :)

Google Art Project

Have you heard of Google Art Project?  No? Well you need to check it out! Search through and study the works of a number of famous artists.  You can also explore other fellow Google Art Project user's works and even post your own!  There is also a specific education section that provides some excellent resources for your class.  Check out the galleries here: and the education resources here:  Enjoy :)