Monday, October 29, 2012

Google Drive Overview [aka Google Docs] [LNL]

October's Lunch 'N Learn also gave a brief overview of what Google Drive is and can do.  Basically, Google Drive is Google's answer to Microsoft Office only on the web and with built in online storage.  Google Drive allows you to create, documents, spreadsheets, drawings, forms, and presentations.

Since Google is the "king of search", it's only natural that Google Drive allows your files to be easily searchable.  Drive allows you to filter in numerous ways, while also allowing you to organize as you would offline with folders.  Drive also gives you many capabilities for editing and formatting your documents that you will find very familiar and user-friendly.

Lastly, we discussed Google Drive's main claim to fame: live collaboration.  Any document within Google Drive can be shared with anyone to allow you both to work at the same time on the same document!

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