Friday, January 25, 2013

Revisiting ItsLearning: 5 Reasons You Should Use It [LNL]

What is ItsLearning?

For those that don't know, ItsLearning is an online learning management platform that allows for blended learning.  Here you can create your own online course or online repository of information for your class.  

How to log into ItsLearning:

If you are an EHOVE employee or student do the following to gain access to your ItsLearning account:
  • Go to and click ItsLearning in the “Quick Links” section (simply type into your browser address bar)
  • Your username is the same as your network log in username
  • Your password (if you have never logged in previously) should be “Ehove123”
  • If you have trouble getting in please let the Technology Department know via work order and we will get you set up

5 Reasons You Should Use ItsLearning in Your Classroom:
  1. Students can turn in assignments digitally
  2. Class announcements and important dates are all in one place
  3. All course material, web links, and handouts can be in one place and easily accessible by students
  4. Teachers can create automatically graded quizzes and tests
  5. Video and audio responses are accepted in some assignements

For further help using ItsLearning, please see the Teacher Quick Start Guide or contact the EHOVE Technology Department for one-on-one training. 

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