Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Silk Slides - An Easy Way to Share & Discuss Slides

Are you looking for an easy way to share presentations with your students? Or perhaps generate discussions on the presentation?  If so then you may want to check out Silk Slides.

Silk Slides takes a slide how and turns it into a more collaborative experience online. With Silk Slides, you upload a slide show (PowerPoint or a PDF) and it gives you a URL that you can then send to whoever you wish to share your presentation with.  Those viewing the shared presentation do not need an account in order to view the shared presentation.  A great feature of Silk Slides is the ability for comments to be made on each slide.  You can embed questions that students can comment on with each other and as well as read each others responses.

Uses in the classroom
Silk Slides could be a great platform for students to ask questions about slides as your present the slides or act as a method to generate classroom discussions.  You could also use Silk Slides to offer feedback to your students about the design and content of their presentations.

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