Friday, March 22, 2013

How to Share Videos from YouTube

How to Upload a Video to YouTube

If you've never uploaded a video to YouTube then this post is for you! If you are apprehensive about doing this, you need to realize that uploading to YouTube is a super-simple that shouldn't scare you. But maybe that's not even what's holding you back.  Maybe you are someone that is asking themselves, "Why?".  Well, the real question you should be asking is, "Why not?".

There are so many benefits in doing so...but here are three: 
  1. You can have easy access to any of your videos from ANYWHERE! (Well, that is as long as you have internet access, of course.) 
  2. From YouTube's Video Manager, you can choose whether or not you want your videos made available to the public, just to friends (people who have the specific URL), or just to you.  On top of all this, you can store all of your videos for free! 
  3. You won't ever have to worry about scouring your computer's hard drive, your flash drives, or any external hard drives to find the video you are looking for because YouTube keeps them all in one place, making them easily searchable. Not only that, but you aren't using up your hard drive space by storing large video files.
Check out the video below to learn how to upload!

ItsLearning Course Building First Steps [Part 1]

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Go Paperless with ItsLearning

Have you thought about going paperless in your classroom?  Guess what! You can do it easily with ItsLearning.  ItsLearning is the online learning management system (LMS) that we use here at EHOVE.  It is a great platform for expanding your in-class teaching to the internet.  There are so many benefits to using this blended learning teaching model and the first is going paperless.

With ItsLearning you can easily give your students digital access to all class handouts, presentations, syllabi, and any other necessary documents throughout the year.  Not only does this save you the hassle and frustration of copying each and every piece of paper for each and every student, it will take away the student excuse of "I lost it" or "I forgot it" because everything is available to your students 24/7 on your ItsLearning site!

And that's just a start! So give it a shot and start going paperless!

Visit EHOVEWire on YouTube for helpful tips to get started or contact EHOVE's technology department for one-on-one training!

Monday, March 18, 2013

ItsLearning Videos on YouTube

Check out ItsLearning's YouTube channel to find how-to videos, information on system updates, and much more.  Also keep yours eyes peeled for more ItsLearning how-to videos on EHOVEWire's own YouTube channel in the near future!  Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Poll Everywhere Turns Student Cell Phones Into Clickers

Some classrooms have access to sets of "Student Response Systems" informally called clickers by some.  They usually come in sets of 25 or more wireless remotes that students can use to respond to a question posed by a teacher.  The teacher can see responses collected in some way, usually through presentation software or website.

But, what if you're school can't afford to purchase clickers or if you can't get access to a set?  A free option makes use of what all of your students already have—their cell phone.  Poll Everywhere is a website service that allows you to create a poll and allows your audience to answer the question using mobile phones, twitter or a web browser.  Responses are displayed live in PowerPoint, Keynote or on the web.  You can ask multiple choice questions or let your audience respond with any text reply.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Document Template Resources

Did you know that there are a ton of websites out there that can save you a lot of time with free templates?  One extensive resource is the Microsoft Office template repository online. They have templates available for all Office products.  Check it out here.  Also check out StockLayouts and the Paper Mill Store for more free template options and save yourself or your students some work!

Monday, March 11, 2013 - Online Learning for Free! is a site that allows you to learn about different topics via video.  They have videos on everything from Microsoft Excel and Facebook to Reading and Math.  The site also includes some great and yes, FREE, online classes!

(I learned about this site from the TeacherTechGuy blog created and maintained by Phil Lewan. Check out his blog here and you can also follow him on Twitter @TeacherTechGuy1 for some other awesome edtech information!)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

3D Molecules - Canvas Mol

Remember the old "tinker toy" molecular structures you used to make in chemistry class? Well now Canvas Mol does this for you.  This site has a list of some of the most common molecular structures that you can check out and view in 3D.  Check it out!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Instructables is a phenomenal website for how-to's on some pretty cool and unique projects.  Most of these projects would be awesome for a Fab Lab class, carpentry class, or electronics class.
Check out some of the projects and let us know what you think.  Has anyone done any of these or know of similar sites?  Please comment below and let us know!

Friday, March 1, 2013


Soundation is an amazing website with a built in audio editor and creator.  Much like Audacity, this online app will allow you to upload your own tracks and edit them to your liking.  However, Soundation also has a built-in library of sounds that you can use.  Did I mention it was an online app? Access it from anywhere you have an internet connection? Yes please!  Check it out!