Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Go Paperless with ItsLearning

Have you thought about going paperless in your classroom?  Guess what! You can do it easily with ItsLearning.  ItsLearning is the online learning management system (LMS) that we use here at EHOVE.  It is a great platform for expanding your in-class teaching to the internet.  There are so many benefits to using this blended learning teaching model and the first is going paperless.

With ItsLearning you can easily give your students digital access to all class handouts, presentations, syllabi, and any other necessary documents throughout the year.  Not only does this save you the hassle and frustration of copying each and every piece of paper for each and every student, it will take away the student excuse of "I lost it" or "I forgot it" because everything is available to your students 24/7 on your ItsLearning site!

And that's just a start! So give it a shot and start going paperless!

Visit EHOVEWire on YouTube for helpful tips to get started or contact EHOVE's technology department for one-on-one training!

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